Your Appointment With Dr. Kennedy

Your Appointment With Dr. Kennedy

Thank you for setting up an appointment to see me. I will serve you to the best of my ability. Please be on time, and I will do the same. If you must cancel or reschedule, please give 24 hour notice. You will be at the clinic from 2.5 to 3 hours. Arrange your schedule so that can work for you.

I do not run the usual assembly line medical clinic. There will be a thorough history, physical exam, High Resolution Blood Microscopy (part of an FDA study),and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Come to the clinic fasting for at least the previous eight hours – clear liquids, supplements and medications are not included in the fast.

I practice natural medicine and use a nutritional, homeopathic, isopathic, and natural hormone approach in most cases rather than resorting to pharmaceuticals.

People sometimes come to the clinic suspecting they have one thing and actually have another. Therefore, come with an open mind so we can discover and correct whatever may be the problem.

The first visit lasts as long as three hours, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on the complexity of your situation, and costs $395, regardless of duration. Followup visits are $75 per 1/2 hour, usually lasting 1/2 hour or less. These prices do not include any lab tests which would need to be performed at a standard or specialty outside lab, nor do they include remedies which might be necessary for your condition. Payment is due at the time of service.I do not take credit cards. Bring cash or check, please. If you plan to apply to an insurance company for reimbursement, I will give you the proper invoice, marked “paid.” You will need to have your insurance company send their one page claim form for you to fill out and send in with my invoice. Again, depending on what we find on exam there may be additional expense involving an outside lab or recommended natural remedies, and these costs could be significant.

Here is the address of the clinic:

The Anti-Aging Medicine Clinic
2448 Guerneville Rd., Suite 800
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

You can find a map of the clinic location by going to:

You can have directions to the clinic by going to:

Enter the street address and zip code of the clinic (above) and you will have a map on screen. If you want directions to the clinic, click on “Driving Directions” and enter your address and the clinic address and you will have your directions. You can print out either the map or the directions or both using Control-P.

If you need to call, my phone number is 707-576-0100 and you can email me at: (E-mail is my preferred method of communication.)

I recommend that you read the following article to help prepare yourself for your visit:

Introduction To Practice

If you want to read more deeply into what I consider to be the basis of physical health, read High Resolution Blood Cell Morphology and The SanPharma Remedies

If you are coming for Chelation Therapy in treatment of vascular disease, be sure to read this article.

This will take about 20 minutes to read. It is an area with which even most doctors are not familiar, so if you get a little lost in it, don’t despair; we will go into it face to face and it will make more sense once we do your High Resolution Blood Morphology.

If you are coming for Hormone Replacement Therapy, read this article

If you are interested in Prolotherapy, read this article.

If you have Lyme disease, I have found the best results with intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy. To learn more about that subject read this article.

For a more general view of my medical approach to illness, here is the hyperlink to my entire website: The Doctors’ Medical Library. I suggest you use the “Search This Site”
function in the upper left. Enter the subject in which you have an interest
and you will get a list of articles related to that subject.

(In case you are a Medicare patient, please be informed that doctors who offer alternative methods of treatment are considered “private contracting physicians” by Medicare and Medicare does not cover any of our services, although they will cover outside laboratory costs.

You can print articles from my website by clicking the print icon above and right of each article.

(Click here to print this page.)

See you soon,

Ron Kennedy, M.D.

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