Yeast Syndrome Treatment in Brief

Yeast Syndrome Treatment in Brief

Dr. Kennedy
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“Yeast Syndrome” is a misnomer because the condition of intestinal dysbiosis involves many other organisms as well as candida (yeast). The second point it that the problem is not the fault of the dysbiotic organisms, although they do provide the toxins which account for symptoms, but rather the fault is with damage to the immune system which allows dysbiosis to exist. Repair involves removal of the factor(s) which have damaged the immune system (frequently antibiotics and/or toxic metals – especially mercury) followed by rehabilitation of the immune system using the SanPharma Protocol. Until these steps are followed through to completion there is no cure, although constant treatment can hold some symptoms at bay.

To ever become free of this illness requires that you wrap your mind around the way it actually develops. Therefore, if you wish to embark on this mental journey, go to Mercury Toxicity, Gut Wall Infection, and Fatigue and “Yeast Syndrome,” High Resolution Blood Morphology, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and The SanPharma Protocol. Go here to read about the SanPharma Protocol which is the final stage of treatment.

(For an appointment, write to As to other doctors in the U.S. who treat and cure yeast syndrome, sorry to tell you – there are none, at least none that I have found. I wish I did not have to say that.

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