Typical Yeast Syndrome / Dysbiosis Letter from Patient

Typical Yeast Syndrome / Dysbiosis Letter from Patient

Dr. Kennedy
Dr. Kennedy,

Not sure what information you need for me to make this office visit, but as you may recall, the reason for my appointment is that I have chronic GI complaints which to date no gasteroentologist has been able to help me with and after reading you’re articles on the Intranet regarding Mercury Toxicity,Gut Wall Infection etc. and the SanPharma Protocol I believe you may be able to help me. My complaints go back to 1980 when I was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer. Finally in 1995, after ignoring my primary care physician’s opinion about the implausability of H. Pylori being able to survive the acidity of the stomach, I went to the Cleveland Clinic where I tested positive for H. Pylori and was successfully treated with triple anti-biotics to eradicate the Ulcer. However, my GI problems continued, the chief complaint being chronic and excessive bloating of the abdomen, a symptom that persists to this day.

I did visit an “Alternative Medicine” doctor sometime after 1995 and after extensive and thorough lab tests on urine, blood and hair samples, it was determined that I had Mercury Toxicity which was probably due to “silver” (i.e. mercury) dental fillings. Since then, I have had the silver fillings replaced with white amalgam.

There are more details I have to give to you, which I shall post at a later date in an email, but that’s the basics. I have already made travel arrangements to see you on August 13th since we confirmed that date on the phone. As to an appointment time, later in the day would probably be better for me than earlier- like noon or something. Does that work for you? Look forward to hearing back from you and to meeting you. Please let me know if there’s any more info you may need.


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