Strength Training

Strength Training

Dr. KennedyRegardless of your age, it feels good to be strong. Not only does it feels good but building your muscle power it is an excellent treatment for diabetes, vascular disease, and hypertension. The type of exercise I describe below increases the number and effectiveness of insulin receptors, provides a chelation therapy (lactic acid is produced and is an excellent chelating agent), and opens the smaller blood vessels thus lowering blood pressure.

Let’s go over some ways to achieve these worthy goals. First, to build muscle, exercise is necessary. However, exercise alone will not get the job completely done. Proper nutrition is required. The type of exercise which builds muscle best is called "anaerobic." That term refers to the muscular work you do after most of the oxygen available in the muscle being worked is used up. You know when you reach the anaerobic range because it begins to ache. In body building they say that the last repetition of an exercise does more good to build strength than all the others. So, if you are doing curls with a barbell and 14 is the absolute maximum you can do, number 14 does more good than numbers one through 13 put together. Weight lifters recommend "sets." A set is one 14 lift sequence (or however many you can do). Two or three sets separated by 45-60 seconds is best.

To maintain strength each muscle group should be worked out once each week. After one week, you begin to loose what you gained. The best time to work out is just before bed because during sleep growth hormone is released and this increases the result of your workout. Also, do not eat carbohydrates (simple or complex) for the few hours before or after your workout since carbs suppress the release of growth hormone. Focus instead on consuming protein before and after your workout. In the case of the person whose lab test shows testosterone deficiency, supplementation of this hormone will increase the result of your strength building efforts. The same is true for the HGH Deficiency Syndrome of Adulthood. So will supplementation of your diet with a level teaspoon of creatine twice daily. This substance is known to be the factor in meat which causes muscle building. Now you can have it straight without the health hazards of meat.

Of course, before you begin this or any other exercise program, you should have a checkup and receive the blessing of your doctor.

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