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There are thousands of pages on this website and we are open to advertising on over 98% of them. There are some pages on which we do not allow advertsing however. Those pages which are directly linked to from the buttons on the page tops and in the left column. There are also several dozen pages that are private pages for doctors who are partners of the website such as Dr. Kennedy's page. Some other pages are database generated and are thus not designed to have ads on them as individual pages, such as the "Specialties" and "Library Articles" pages, though site wide ads will show on these pages if you choose a sitewide option. Besides these "types" of pages, and those pages listed below, there are probably some other, presently not thought of pages, which we will deem unsuitable for advertising but there will not be many.

Below is a list of a few other select pages on which we do not allow advertising. In general all other pages can be advertised on, either in the left column or underneath the text of that page. We will also consider ads in other places on the page but these are evaluated on an individual basis so please contact us with your requests.

No Advertising on these pages:

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