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Itching, burning scalp
Posted by: Daniel
Date: March 16, 2000 7:57 PM

For well over a year, my wife has experienced an intense itching and burning on her scalp and occasionally on her neck. Some oozing or extreme oiliness is frequently present. On occasion, she has complained of related symptoms of an oily secretion on her back and arms. Although the symptoms may briefly subside, they quickly return. Several visits to various dermatologists have been to no avail. They have been unable to discover anything with certainty and generally diagnose excema or psoriasis for lack of any evidence to support an alternate conclusion. No shampoo or scalp treatment has given her anything but very moderate and temporary relief. Parasitical activity has been investigated, and, while not being ruled out altogether, there appears to be no evidence of any common sort. Mold allergies or some form of contact dermatitis have also been considered, but, to date, we have been unable to confirm the source of her affliction or find any medication, oral or topical, to abate the symptoms.

Itching, burning scalp
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: March 18, 2000 3:03 PM

Given all that has been ruled out and the lack of result of treatment for common conditions which could explain her symptoms, one is left with the possibility of a toxic conditions (perhaps from some exposure to pesticides, or maybe heavy metals, or other) which has causes a neuritis of the sensory nerves of her scalp. The diagnosis and treatment would obviously come from tests for this possibility. Intestinal detoxification with the Arise and Shine system and treatment with the SanPharma remedies to get the digestive system working is often helpful to treat skin disorders. As with all metabolic illnesses it is important to achieve and maintain alkalinity. This must be tested with pH paper 2-3 times each day. The intake of fried foods and animal fats as well as hydrogenated vegetable oils tends to exacerbate such conditions.

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