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adrenal stress
Posted by: MariaLetelier
Date: October 2, 2011 9:59 PM

Symptom: Severe, prolonged insomnia and sleep interruptions, eyebrows turning white, hair falling
Family history of digestive cancer, past digestive issues and IBS. Problem: I was put on armour thyroid and doses were increased over 10 month period as sleep interruptions continued, but digestive issues had seemed to clear up. Then developed severe insomnia. I have recently learned that I do not have Hashimoto's disease, only functional hypothyroidism following two pregnancies. I always had a low TSH, this was lowered even more while on armour, reverse T3 went up, FT4 always higher than FT3. Reduced thyroid, felt better, was put on time release T3, felt worse, decided to cease T3, felt a little better, then all problems came back. Labs show decreasing levels of morning cortisol over time, although were normal 10 months ago. Now I feel as if my body is producing cortisol t and persists at night. I have all the symptoms of adrenal stress at the moment. While I realize that I will need to address the digestive issues, I need to get stable so I can go get help. Do you believe that Adrenal cortex glandulars will help me stabilize?

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Re: adrenal stress
Posted by: drron
Date: October 2, 2011 11:53 PM

I seriously doubt it. If the hormone theory had been the cause of all this, it would be resolved by now. A low TSH does not argue for a thyroid deficiency. You describe perfectly the condition of a person with extreme dysbiosis, but as you are coming to me as a patient, let me reserve my opinion until the examination is completed. In the meantime, I suggest you begin by reading this article and the articles to which it links: [].

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