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Acute Lyme / Lyme Carditis
Posted by: stangred
Date: September 6, 2011 4:20 PM

I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I had an atypical rash on my leg July 22 when blood was taken and tested neg for Lyme. I took Cipro for the rash which was very large and painful. The rash resolved but I never felt well.Culture was taken but came back alpha strep. I experienced muscle aches and low grade fever in the following weeks and when a EKG showed complete heart block and pulse of 43. I was admitted to the hospital for four days. Lyme test came back positive on 8/27. Since then the blot test confirmed acute Lyme 9/2/11. I am half way thru 21 days IV antibiotics: Ceftriaxone 2gms once a day. My question is: will my pulse rate return to normal and will I get my energy back as the infection goes away. Also I am concerned about recurrences. I bought the Cat's Claw you recomended. How much and how long should I take the herb. I was thinking 1 cap a day x 90 days.

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Re: Acute Lyme / Lyme Carditis
Posted by: drron
Date: September 6, 2011 7:10 PM

You have apparently caught the disease at an early stage and therefore you have good reason to expect an excellent outcome with full recovery, including resolution of the heart problem. Of course nothing can be promised in medicine, but thank your stars this has not progressed to chronic Lyme which is a vicious illness. Samento is the only brand of Cat's Claw I trust and the dose is 15 drops daily, but start with a smaller dose and build up over days.

Re: Acute Lyme / Lyme Carditis
Posted by: drron
Date: September 6, 2011 9:37 PM

Depends on the stage of your illness. If this is really in the acute stage, theoretically you would not need any Samento. However, you are doing it prophylactically, so perhaps a few months would be ideal.

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