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"Vitamin C and Vascular Disease"
Posted by: lelandjamieson
Date: October 28, 2010 2:29 PM

Thank you for this informative article, and for your work, and Dr. Rath's, in this critical subject area. I have a two-fold question:
1. I've just begun two weeks ago your 13-point program for the reversal of heart disease. Aortic stenosis has made my heart sound like the agitation action of a washing machine. I hope to reverse that with your program. What is a reasonable expectation in months or years before I can hear in a stethoscope, and feel in my body, an improvement in this condition?
2. I have a conventional cardiologist that I like, but who of course thinks eventually I will need to get a valve replacement. I scanned your list of doctors, but unless I'm blind, I didn't find one in Connecticut. Any updates to that list? My zip is 06424.

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Re: "Vitamin C and Vascular Disease"
Posted by: drron
Date: October 28, 2010 8:25 PM

No updates. Try Nutritional therapies are primarily good for preventing the development of vascular disease. Once present, plaque is generally permanent. Prevention of further progression IS a reasonable goal. So, if your doc tells you you are in a safe zone now, the goal would be to stay there and not need surgery in the future. Intravenous chelation therapy is often very helpful to increase overall tissue perfusion, so in your place I would look for a doc who offers that. can provide that also.

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