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Availability of Maxi-Cortex or equivalent ...
Posted by: MellowDios
Date: January 17, 2010 5:40 PM

I have been taking chelation and IV adrenal cortical extract treatments for a little over five months.
Unfortunately, I am forced to stop the ACE treatments for financial reasons, and Dr. Hui has agreed that I should go on a sublingual form of ACE. In your book, The Thinking Person's Guide To Perfect Health, which I purchased through him, you recommend a product called Maxi-Cortex, which is sold over the counter in Europe. Can you please tell me whether I can purchase Maxi-Cortex in North America, and if so where, or alternatively, if there is a similar product of equivalent efficacy available and where I might purchase it? I have done some research and am aware of products such as BioMax and Bayho, both of which are bovine extracts purporting to contain all 28 adrenal hormones, however, I know nothing about them apart from their advertising claims.

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Re: Availability of Maxi-Cortex or equivalent ...
Posted by: drron
Date: January 17, 2010 9:51 PM

The Thinking Person's Guide was published in 1996. Since then a better way of supplementing adrenal hormones has evolved, at least in the U.S. Here orthomolecular hormones are available through compounding pharmacies. Proper testing (which is a 24 hour urine analysis for all adrenal and sex steroids) is available through a couple specialty labs, including Genova Diagnostics. Based on that analysis the exact hormones which are needed can be supplied with "hand in glove" accuracy. As to Maxi-cortex, I presume it is still available in Italy, however the U.S. FDA has banned sales in the U.S. I do not know about Canada on any of these issues, but I suspect your doctor can research it and find out.

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