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H2O2 IV Protocol and Supply Details
Posted by: ebucking
Date: October 9, 2009 2:13 PM

Here's what I've gathered so far

1. Dextrose 5% 500ml Bag (D5W): Baxter Viaflex JB0063
2. Solution Set (10 drops/ml) with luer lock adaptor: Baxter 1C8109
3. Manganese 0.5mg in liquid formulation (multiple doses from compounding pharmacy)
4. Magnesium Chloride 2g in liquid formulation (multiple doses from compounding pharmacy)
5. H2O2 3% Pharmaceutical Grade (bottles form compounding pharmacy)

I already have the butterfly needles at 26g to connect to the Solution Set's luer lock adaptor. Also, I have 10ml syringes with removable 18g needles to inject the 5ml 3% H2O2 and Mn and MgCl into the D5W bag.

What I want to confirm is that the rate will be 5ml/min or 55 drops/min (calculated from your 90 minute protocol and 500ml D5W bag).

This is for use by my father with cancer. Conventional treatment can only give him a 10% chance of remission and the radiation side effects are quite brutal i.e. losing all teeth and destroying permanently the lower salivary glands.

Also, I'd like to better understand the differences in biochemical reactions with H2O2 or O3 enters the body and meets a diseased cell or pathogen (virus, bacteria).

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Re: H2O2 IV Protocol and Supply Details
Posted by: drron
Date: October 9, 2009 2:31 PM

Standard procedure is to give the solution at a steady rate over 1.5 hours. It is hard to get it exactly at a certain number of drops per minute, but easy enough to get it in the ballpark. H2O2 and O3 both yield singlet oxygen (an oxygen ion with a negative charge). That leaves a free electorn which you could think of as an atomic scale bullet and it is this bullet which does (what we hope is) selective damage to target cells.There should be no difference in effect between O3 and H2O2. By the way, I am not recommending that you do this on your own. Please find an experienced doctor to administer any IV treatment you may have in mind.

Re: H2O2 IV Protocol and Supply Details
Posted by: ebucking
Date: October 9, 2009 6:46 PM

OK so you agree that the supplies I've gathered are correct (volume, ingredient and type)? Also, want to double confirm that the whole 500ml dextrose bag will be going into the body over 90 minutes. And to answer your question, yes we have many consultants to assist with proper IV protocol.

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