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Vitamin C for blood vessel repair after stroke?
Posted by: uncleartie
Date: August 10, 2009 6:37 PM

My 85 year old Uncle Artie, who was independent and high-functioning mentally in mid-June, has had a series of small strokes in the last month. His main symptoms are confusion, and trouble speaking. I just read your article "Vitamin C and Vascular Disease," and am wondering if taking Vitamin C would help in the recovery. The doctor is not putting him on Plavix because he says the blood vessel walls are fragile, and I am thinking that this might be of some help. My uncle's only ailment prior to this was Type II diabetes. In fact, when I saw him in June he was telling me about a book he was preparing to write.

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Re: Vitamin C for blood vessel repair after stroke?
Posted by: drron
Date: August 10, 2009 11:15 PM

Two factors impact stroke risk: (1) the condition of the arteries and (2) the condition of the blood. Arteries develop plaques and this may require strict diet and perhaps medication. The condition of the blood is determined in a far more complex fashion. I would not rely on oral or even IV C alone in your uncle's case, but I would seek a doctor who can give intravenous chelation therapy. This is the best protection from stroke or heart attack on the planet. If you do not find a doc on my website, go to

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