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H202 and Chemotherapy
Posted by: coco
Date: April 2, 2009 8:30 AM

My father has been stricken with stage 4 prostate cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy (Taxotere). Dad is also taking polyMVA 8 tsp per day, received IV monthly Zometa for the past year (on hold) and Lupron (on hold). We came across information on H202 and how it can significantly make a difference on dad's cancer situation. Several questions below:

1. Is it safe to take H202 while on chemotherapy? I have been given conflicting information, one source says both treatments given without waiting is safe, however another source recommends waiting 2-3 weeks after chemo treatment.

2. Which form is more effective against prostate cancer and more tolerable for the patient, IV or oral ingestion (35% food grade per "One Minute-Cure" book)?

3. If IV, how often and what kind of H202, in other words, what percent of H202 is used? And what would be the recommended starting dose and subsequent titrating doses, if any?

4. Are there any contraindications with the use of polyMVA with H202? Also any contraindications of H202 with Zometa, Lupron and any other medications?

5. Can you recommend a good practicioner experienced using H202 in the SF Bay Area?

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Re: H202 and Chemotherapy
Posted by: drron
Date: April 2, 2009 2:20 PM

1. I recommend you take only one therapy at on time. Both induce an oxidative challenge and in that sense would be cumulative.

2. IV

3. The standard: 5cc 3% pharmaceutical grade H2O2 in 500 cc D5W dripped in over 1.5 hours. No variations.

4. No contraindications to standard dose oral therapies.

5. That would be me.

Re: H202 and Chemotherapy
Posted by: coco
Date: April 3, 2009 7:06 AM

Thank you for answering my questions. I just found out devastating news today that my dad's cancer has also spread to his lungs with multiple nodules per chest x-ray. He developed a congested cough which prompted the chest x-ray. I know that cancer in the lung does not have a good prognosis, but have you had experience and success using H202 on aggressive prostate cancer with metastasis? I neglected to mention his Gleason score is 10/10 (biopsied in Aug 07). Also, they want to change his chemo to mitozantrone (sp?) since taxotere was ineffective to decrease his PSA.

Based on your professional experience, do you feel H202 is more effective than chemotherapy and yield more success?

How long have you been infusing IV H202 on cancer patients?

Based on dad's situation, how often do you recommend IV H202?

Is there a phone number I can call to request more details such as price, etc.

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Re: H202 and Chemotherapy
Posted by: drron
Date: April 3, 2009 4:00 PM

I have no way of comparing the two treatments. Because H2O2 is an alternative therapy, it is almost never used when cancer is diagnosed, but only when standard treatment has failed. It is not likely those comparative studies will ever be done as H2O2 is not patentable and there is no financial incentive for the drug companies to fund those studies which would cost hundreds of millions. I have been using H2O2 for 16 years with the occasional use in a late stage cancer patient on whom mainstream oncologists have given up. I have not seen anyone's life saved by that method. Frequency of treatment would have to be determined by his tolerance. It is an oxidative challenge, so when a person is in late stages of cancer the tolerance for all oxidative challenge therapies declines. The one approach I have heard of with which some have been reported to have found cure is called the "Kelly Program." If you Google that you will have the information. In your place, that is the direction I probably would pursue. You can reach me at 707-591-4088 if you wish after hearing all this.

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