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Chronic Pancreatitis and Ulcerative Colitis
Posted by: Dorothy
Date: August 12, 2008 1:34 AM

Dr. Kennedy, you were recommended by Dr Greg Emerson,Consultant in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He suggested speaking with you regarding help for my daughter who has ulcerative colitis and chronic pancreatitis. The medical doctors we have seen are saying there is nothing else they can do for her except manage her pain with Percocet and morphine. We have tried many alternative protocols with the promise of curing it but nothing has helped. Is chronic pancreatitis a curable condition, and if so, do you have a treatment protocol that will cure this?

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Re: Chronic Pancreatitis and Ulcerative Colitis
Posted by: drron
Date: August 12, 2008 4:36 PM

My view of both these problems is that they represent a complex dysfunction in the relationship between the intestinal flora and the immune system. I believe it all begins with temporary damage to the gut wall of the small intestine followed by invasion of the gut wall by micro-organisms, causing damage to the immune system in the gut wall and then chronic dysbiosis (as the immune system can no longer regulate the gut flora). This then causes many disorders, including the ones you mention. Reversal involves removal of toxins, especially heavy metals, and then the SanPharma Protocol. All of these terms are discussed extensively on this website. Use Search This Site above left.

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