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Coronary artery plaque removal
Posted by: Kent
Date: October 19, 2007 4:08 PM

I've just received information about EDTA tablets and after doing Google searches learned of the intravenous chelation therapy. I had a quadruple coronary bypass almost four yeas ago, have high blood pressure, a family history of diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. I'm applying my amatuer knowledge and have believed that if someone can make a solvent that dissolves artery plaque, my problems would be minimized. Does the tablet form of ethylene-diamine-tyetra-acetic acid have the same effect as IV application? If so what's the dosage and can it be bought at the local pharmacy? If not, where do I locate IV treatments in Chicago?

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Re: Coronary artery plaque removal
Posted by: drron
Date: October 19, 2007 4:19 PM

Oral EDTA does have its uses in long-term removal of heavy metals, notably lead, from bone (which is replaced slowly over seven years and thus requires a long time to become available for removal), however it does little to remove plaque. There is an IV formula developed in Europe called Plaquex which is reputed to remove plaque and some docs on my list offer the identical formula. You can get a list of such docs in your area by clicking Find A Physician above and following those instructions. As to IV EDTA, while it does not remove plaque, it does stop the progression of plaque buildup and it rejuvinates the entire vascular system by chelating out heavy metals and removing excess calcium (although not that portion bound into plaque). In 16 years of offering IV EDTA to people with histories similar to yours, I have never lost a patient to vascular disease who followed the protocol. (Oral EDTA is easy to order on-line.)

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