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High level of Lipoprotein-A
Posted by: Vladislav
Date: June 30, 2007 2:05 PM

I am Vladislav live in Zurich, 45. It was found high level of Lipoprotein A in my blood 1434 instead max normal level 300. The number increased from 1150 for two months in spite diet, physical exersices and the fact I lost 6 kg, now 183cm/83kg. All other components in blood are normal. Is it necessary to start treatment of niacin acid and what else you advise to do. Can you reccommend the best hospitals in the USA/World experienced in lowering Lipoprotein-A level in the blood and decrease of risks.

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Re: High level of Lipoprotein-A
Posted by: drron
Date: June 30, 2007 2:33 PM

Lipo-A is only one of many risk factors for vascular disease. It does not mean you will develop vascular disease. Also, it is genetically "hard-wired" and does not respond well to efforts to change it. Vascular disease is not caused by lipid levels, but if you develop vascular disease, it may progress faster if there are these relatively sticky molecules circulating. Vascular disease develops when there is inflammation in the cell layers lining the arterial tree. To avoid the beginning of vascular disease (that is the initial inflammatory event), avoid those things which predispose to this inflammation, namely (1) stress, (2) smoking, (3) diet low in anti-oxidants, (4) going without adequate sleep, etc. (Of course to avoid second hand smoke you will have to move out of Europe.) Think of Lipo-A as you would think of speeding in your car. If you must exceed the the speed limit, then you should take every other possible precaution to avoid an accident. I should mention the importance of L-arginine in preventing inflammation. It converts directly to nitric oxide, the cleansing agent for the vascular intima. The proper dose is 2000 mg. twice daily for life.

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