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Digestion; Energy; Hashimoto's Disease
Posted by: sidereally
Date: May 29, 2007 2:35 PM

For years, I drank cokes and coffees and processed/nonorganic foods, particularly in graduate school in the past six years. I was raised on highly processed foods in a blue collar neighborhood one mile from a waste water treatment plant and a couple miles from a steel plant. I am 44 and in the past three years I have been diagnosed with arthritis and Hashimoto's Disease. I have seen endocrinologists, general MDs, my GYN and a nutritionist. Here is what I am currently on:

Armour Thyroid
Omega 3 supplements
Vit Min multi vitamin
Garlicin for cholesterol
Hyaluronic Acid for arthritis
5 HTP for depression
Primal Defense probiotic
Older Adult enzymes

Taken in November 2006
261 cholesterol
TSH 1.79
T4 1.26

My blood pressure is low (around 100). I exercise regularly and have introduced more and more organic food into my diet, but my circulation is poor and my digestive experience is not ideal. I suffer from the varicose veins present in both my parents' sides. Heart disease and aneurisms are also present on both sides. I feel better but am not quite there. I'd welcome a suggestion for a next step.

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Re: Digestion; Energy; Hashimoto's Disease
Posted by: drron
Date: May 30, 2007 2:50 AM

As you are not my patient, I cannot give you medical advice due to medical-legal constraints. However, I can make general comments which would apply to almost anyone. The first order of business to achieve maximum health is digestion. If digestion is not perfectible, best come see me, or someone like me if you can find such a doctor. Perfect digestion can compensate for a lot of bad habits. Gut wall inflammatory conditions are very common and account for a lot of ill health in unsuspecting people. Low blood pressure can be due to hypoadrenalism. A thorough hormone analysis will settle that question and if needed, orthomolucular hormone therapy should be prescribed. As to poor circulation, there is no better therapy than IV chelation with EDTA. The problem of heavy metal overload is rampant in America and the West in general, and this should not be overlooked. You can read about all these subjects on this website. Use Search This Site in the upper left.

Re: Digestion; Energy; Hashimoto's Disease
Posted by: sidereally
Date: May 30, 2007 4:58 PM

Thank you for your response. I am on the other coast currently; we are in the process of relocating to the Chicago area this summer. I have come to believe, as the guru at my local organics store often states and as you have averred, that "health begins in the stomach." So I'm willing to undergo what you suggest as I believe I shouldn't feel as bad as I do and believe there are better answers than those I been generally given. As a master gardener, I understand the effect soil acidity/alkanity has on plant uptake, so what you wrote about the larger picture of human health that is being tragically ignored (an enviroment of acidity/alkanity) makes perfect sense to me. Is it feasible to accomplish what you suggest in one or a couple visits to California?

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Re: Digestion; Energy; Hashimoto's Disease
Posted by: drron
Date: May 30, 2007 6:09 PM

Usually we can handle it in one visit and after that by email and telephone and perhaps a test here and there performed by a colleague close to you. Let me know your general range of dates and I will suggest a day and time.

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