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heavy metals and menopause
Posted by: Linda
Date: April 6, 2006 6:11 PM

I am 52 with a history of significant hormonal problems. Diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia 1997. Hysterectomy, 2/05-uterine fibroids/ adenomyosis (ovaries intact). Felt great and Oct 05 I crashed. Severe menopausal symptoms combined with difficulty breathing, thickness in throat, pressure in sinus area, chest pain. Diagnosed w/ LPR/acid reflux- Prevacid 30mg and tri-est 125.50mg (recently doubled Tri-est). Three months Prevacid and symptoms returning, weak, phantom pains throughout my body, unusual freezer burn sensations, inner vibrating, chronic insomnia and anxiety, sensitivity to light, throbbing, hot pain from my gums (a partial list) and unable to live my life. I have many silver fillings/ crowns and have been advised extensive dental work is inevitable. Mercury and arsenic levels are high (blood work 3x), nutritional deficiencies, Epstein Barr recurrance. I am senstive and react negatively to things and am frightened treatment will make me worse. Do you recommend dental work with a holistic dentist or systemic chelation first? Should I try natural chelation (ND) or do you recommend drugs? How common are the side effects to these drugs? What do you suggest?

RE: heavy metals and menopause
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: April 6, 2006 9:15 PM

From a medical-legal standpoint, I cannot suggest anything as you are not my patient. However, in similar cases removal of dental amalgams by a biological dentist in conjuction with IV treatment immediately afterward by a qualified doctor, cessation of fish consumption, testing and treatment (chelation) for the "residual body burden" of metal and then - if your digestive system (and the immune system which is embedded in the digestive system) are dysfunctional - a course with the SanPharma Protocol has worked wonders (all in that order). What you call "natural chelation" (chlorella, garlic, etc.) I have found inadequate by themselves for such a situation. Side effects of the chelators are dose related, so the dose must be accurate for you. To have plain blood levels be elevated requires extreme toxicity. I can see you if you want to travel to Santa Rosa.

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