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HCL making urine very acid
Posted by: Susan
Date: January 1, 2006 9:39 PM

I got up to ten capsules per meal of HCL with no burning. I noticed real improvement in my chronic symptoms. I had always been too acid and while taking the HCL, I got more acid. My doctor told me to stop the HCL and switch to digestive enzymes. The improvement I had noticed disappeared so I started using five capsules per meal. My practitioner told me that is too much and will prevent the body from making its own HCL. He limited me to two capsules. There was no improvement with five or two capsules so I am up to eight capsules now and am noticing improvement again. I had gotten my first morning urine in the 6.4 - 7.4 range. Since increasing the HCL, it's in the 5.5 range - very acid. I also seem to have even more gas with the HCL than without it. How do I get back in the alkaline range? My practitioner told me not to take pancreatic enzymes at the same time as HCL as one is acid and the other is alkaline and they will cancel each other out unless the pancreatic enzymes are enteric coated. Is this true?

RE: HCL making urine very acid
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
Date: January 2, 2006 5:32 AM

First of all, stop measuring urine as a reflection of acid/base balance. The job of the kidneys is to excrete excess acid, so finding acid in the urine is like finding shoes in a shoe factory. It is supposed to be there. Measure salivary pH instead - 30 minutes away from food or drink. As to dosing, you are not outside the norm in your dosing and dosing should be done based on results. If you OD on HCL caps you will know it because you will induce heartburn. Using HCL caps ill not suppress your own HCL production and if you need 8 caps you have almost no production anyway. An acid environment in the stomach should trigger enzyme production, so you may not need to take supplementary enzymes, but if you do take them, I suggest you take them 30 minutes before HCL caps. The Pekana remedy Speci-chol helps most people begin to make their own stomach acid again.

RE: HCL making urine very acid
Posted by: Susan
Date: January 3, 2006 3:41 AM

Since I submitted my question, I read your great article on "Enzyme Nutrition." Based on that, it appears that it would be helpful to take enzymes with the first bite of food to predigest the food in the upper part of the stomach, before it gets to the lower part where HCL is needed. So, if I take enzymes with the first bite of food and eat slowly, so that I finish eating about a half hour later, would taking the HCL at the end of the meal satisfy the suggestion to take HCL 30 minutes later? Is the Pekana remedy something I can take on my own or does its use need the guidance of an experienced practitioner?

RE: HCL making urine very acid
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 3, 2006 6:31 PM

You reasoning is sound and your conclusions correct. Speci-chol is available only through practitiioners.

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