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Leaky gut syndrome - systemic candidiasis
Posted by: Steve
Date: October 12, 2005 8:00 PM

I have been unable to recover for over a year and a half. And until I started a strict diet and herbs recommended for candidiasis I reached a point of incredible illness. I live in Texas and the doctors around here have only a rudimentary knowledge of candidiasis. I've been tested negative for many other diseases. I've tried diet and anti-fungals. One doctor does look at blood at x 4,000 magnification. There are black patches of what he believes is fungus in the blood. Most of his patients are the sort that couldn't run around the block to start with (i.e. simply changing their diet does wonders for them). I'm quite the opposite, and any loss of unfitness is due to the disease and the restricted diet wearing me down. I can not even find a doctor who will take a blood culture and identify the pathogen in the blood, or test for resistances. Nor can I find someone to prescribe me San Pharma remedies. I am looking for a good explanation of the SanPharma protocol (what to order) and/or a doctor who is competent in this field.

RE: Leaky gut syndrome - systemic candidiasis
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 12, 2005 8:26 PM

The SanPharma remedies are made of compounds isolated from the organisms which are pathogens in the kind of illness you apparently have. "Yeast syndrome" is a misnomer as the actual mix of pathogens is made up of many species of fungus, anaerobic bacteria, as well as yeast. (That is why treating it as a yeast infection does not work.) The compounds in the remedies provoke and train the immune system to eliminate the various families of pathogens. The "protocol" is a way of rotating through all the remedies so that all possible pathogens are eliminated and the immune system is trained to maintain that condition. I doubt you will find anyone in Texas with the requisite skill. I do not know of a list of practitioners. I can see you, but of course I am in Santa Rosa, CA.

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