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Posted by: Carolyn
Date: October 2, 2005 4:19 AM

According to a recent blood test, I have a high mercury content. I have gold fillings, in my teeth. Are they dangerous? Can elevated mercury be the cause of my recent hair loss? What treatments are available to remove the mercury from my system? And, most importantly, Is there a doctor near me who does this? I am in Sarasota, Fl. zip 34236.

RE: Mercury
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 2, 2005 4:39 AM

Chunks of heavy metals have no place in human bodies in the sense that this is never found in nature. It is both arrogant and ignorant of men to believe such unnatural things can be installed in humans without consequences. Mercury can slow a person's metabolism and that can cause hair loss and mercury may even be toxic to hair follicles. There are both oral and intravenous chelating agents to remove mercury and other heavy metals. For a list of doctors click on the yellow tab above titled Click Here To Find A Doctor.

RE: Mercury
Posted by: Carolyn
Date: October 2, 2005 2:57 PM

I did click on the link and did NOT get a good reference for a doctor near me who treats mercury problems. Can you help? I am in Sarasota, FL 34236 zip code. What specialty treats this? What are the treatments for removal of mercury? If I choose IV treatment I want to make certain that the Doctor is Very experienced in this!!!! I actually think my problem was created by eating too much fish over the last several years. Is that feasible? ..The gold was put in my teeth many years ago...when I was 12-16 yers old... I am now 59. I am assuming there is no mercury content in that a "reasonable" assumption?

RE: Mercury
Posted by: Carolyn
Date: October 2, 2005 3:08 PM

What ARE the Oral therapies you suggest? What WORKS? Can I buy them through a health food store? Or are they issued through a Physician?

RE: Mercury
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 2, 2005 3:25 PM

If you do not find a doc close to you, scroll down a few spaces and look for the color red and these letters: (you may need to do the same with "Click Here To Find A Dentist." To handle this problem correctly, you will need both a doctor and a dentist):

"If you do not find a suitable Physician we will do a bit of research for you and send you a list of 10 physicians. Click on the hyperlink below.
Physician Research Service"

The chelating agents that are commonly used are DMSA and Penicillamine orally, and DMPS and EDTA IV. These are regulated medications and not sold over the counter.

It is not a reasonable assumption to assume there is no mercury in any particular "gold" filling. Even if there is no mercury in your particular filling, gold is only 5-30%. What do you suppose those other heavy metals are?

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