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Mercury Poisoning
Posted by: Alan
Date: September 22, 2005 4:48 PM

I have been diagnosed with Mercury and Lead poisoning and Celiac disease. I have had severe anxiety, insomnia, IBS, brain fog, poor concentration and loss of short term memory, tinnitis, low body temperature, panic attacks, night sweats,and fatigue. I am currently taking Clonazapan for sleep. It helps but my sleep is my major problem. I have been to two sleep labs to no avail. I produce little seratonin and my neurotransmitters have been impaired. Anti-depressents did nothing but turn me into a Capon. I have tried all of the natural sleep remedies and almost all of the prescription aids. Do you have any remedy that may work? I would love to have a restorative nights sleep. I have tried hyperbaric chambers, H2O2 therapies in Mexico, read, studied, and sought help from all over the country. I know it was created when I had my amalgams removed with no protection. From that time on my life has become a struggle. I am considering DMPS chelations. Can you help?

RE: Mercury Poisoning
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.,
Date: September 22, 2005 5:32 PM

For the readers of your colorful language, a capon is a castrated male chiclen. That aside, the big item for you is to rid your body of mercury and other heavy metals. That means a DMPS Challenge Test and subsequent oral and/or IV therapy. After that, repair of damage to the digestive system must be carried out. That means the SanPharma Protocol. I suspect that until then you will be spinning your wheels trying to get a good night's sleep and having it elude you. You need the proper doctor to help you with this. You can click on Find A Doctor on this website, and if no one is close you can order a list of those close to you. But, honestly, even the doctors on my lists are not skilled at regeneration of the digestive/immune system.

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