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Iodine supplements safe?
Posted by: Dawn
Date: January 23, 2000 1:23 AM

I was given iodine supplement by my new chiropractor. A friend said that her endocrinologist told her to never take iodine as it would permanently injure the thyroid. Is this true?

Iodine supplements safe?
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: January 24, 2000 9:34 PM

Perfectly safe at proper dose, however useless unless you are in a deficiency state. Few people are in a deficiency state since 99% or so of the salt sold on the market is 70% sodium iodide, the remainder being mostly sodium chloride. For many years, beginning in 1910, there was a law in the U.S. which required iodine supplementation of table salt. This was to prevent goiter which was a not uncommon condition around the Great Lake region where the soil is low in iodine. That law was relaxed around 1971 as the transport of food is now so common, even the folks around the Great Lakes receive plenty of iodine with or without iodine laced table salt. Also, many processed foods contain a lot of sodium iodide.

RE: Iodine suppliments safe?
Posted by: Diane
Date: June 25, 2000 7:22 AM

What about a supplement from BioTech that includes not only iodine but 1/2 grain or more of porcine-derived thyroid? Is this habit-forming or just a temporary solution?? Thanks.

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