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Mercury Detox & Celiac Disease
Posted by: Chris
Date: June 23, 2005 4:17 PM

I've just recently gone through about 4 years of chelation with DMPS, DMSA & Metal-Free. It's been quite the ordeal over the years with all sorts of food allergies, chronic fatigue, acne, anxiety, indigestion, and many other symptoms from the mercury. Around the time I got sick from the buildup of mercury is the time I developed an intolerance to wheat and rye gluten. I would get severe indigestion, and stomach spasms from either, and still do. If I do happen to eat, either I have to take L-Glutamine and Probiotics to heal my stomach. Celiac disease is the closest diagnosis I can find to what I have. So now Ive gotten the 'load' of mercury out of my body. I read on your forum about the homeopathic remedies by SanPharm and Pekana, and how you've found them to heal the stomach of "leaky gut." Would you recommend just picking the one I think is right, as there are quite a few?

RE: Mercury Detox & Celiac Disease
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: June 23, 2005 9:32 PM

No, I do not recommend that. When people have severe illnesses related to gut wall infection/leaky gut, all the provoking causes must be eliminated, the leaky gut must be stopped, the excretory organs must be supported and the full spectrum of SanPharmas given for a specific and prolonged period. Anything less lead nowhere.

RE: Mercury Detox & Celiac Disease
Posted by: Chris
Date: June 23, 2005 10:40 PM

Have you successfully treated cases of leaky gut to the point that irritating foods (specifically wheat and rye gluten) can be digested again without aggravating the stomach lining? I haven't seen any cases of a complete recovery as of yet on the internet. Also, what do you find causes leaky gut, as I have only had it for 9 years. Wheat or rye gluten never affected me before. Would it be only the mercury, or do emotional problems trigger it as well?

RE: Mercury Detox & Celiac Disease
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: June 24, 2005 2:53 AM

Gluten sensitivity and many food allergies do not clear up when leaky gut is no longer an issue. They have a different cause. The causes of leaky gut are: heavy metal toxicity, prolonged unavoidable stress, long-term use of antibiotics, and sometimes chronic use of tobacco, caffeine (particularly coffee) and/or alcohol.

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