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sodium chlorite ions
Posted by: Susan
Date: December 31, 2004 9:42 PM

I would like your thoughts on the use of sodium chlorite ions (chemically NaClO2 ) as a supplement. It is said to alkalize the body by “delivering one atom of chlorite and one atom of sodium – both of which are alkalizing.” It is also said to provide nascent oxygen to the body. Many have compared this item to the use of hydrogen peroxide as it was popularly used a few years back. The comparison is that both provide oxygen but this is also alkalizing which is also highly beneficial. I know that alkalizing the body is good. And I know that NaClO2 is alkalizing in the body because I have monitored my urine pH levels when using it. I know many people who are using it and report significant improvements in their health. My concern is the chlorite part of it. It is said that “sodium chlorite is a stable form of ClO2” and that “this particular form of oxygen contains No chlorides and thus contains no active form of chlorine. There is a unique difference between the chlorine that is found in Clorox or table salt and chlorite . . . “ that is found in NaClO2 solution. The following info is also offered regarding the nascent oxygen and the chloride: “The distinction between nascent (atomic) oxygen and molecular (atmospheric) oxygen is that the two nascent oxygen molecules that combine to form molecular oxygen (O2) are bound to each other, whereas in a carrier of atomic oxygen ( CLO2 ) two oxygen atoms are bound to a third atom (chlorine) but not to each other. This molecular structure makes possible the release of the highly active form, nascent oxygen. The general pattern of this molecular structure is also found in other carriers of nascent oxygen - for example, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and the periodates. Water is chlorinated with molecular chlorine (CL2), in which two atoms of chlorine are bound to each other. In oxides of chlorine, there is present only one chlorine which, upon release of the oxygen, becomes chloride or CL minus, normally found in the blood and is an excellent chelator/remover of metabolic acids.” My questions are these: 1. Is this product really safe to use?? 2. The product does smell like bleach when I open the bottle and use it. They say it is stable, but is there any chance that it breaks down either in shipping or over time, etc. to where it would become unsafe? 3. I am wondering about liver toxicity or any other possible negative effects?

RE: sodium chlorite ions
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 1, 2005 1:10 AM

Although I am aware of this product, I have not used it, so I can have nothing positive or negative to say about it which would be based on experience. My general philosophy is to stick with the way nature does things as closely as possible. Hydrogen peroxide is made in the body and sodium chlorite is not. Therefore, I have always used hydrogen peroxide. Charles Farr, M.D. (now deceased), who was responsible for the popularization of hydrogen peroxide therapy had this point of view and I think it makes perfect sense. If you can achieve results using nature's way, why bother with something else? Furthermore hydrogen peroxide is dirt-cheap and this product you mention is not.

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