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chronic fatigue/hypochlorhydria
Posted by: Mary
Date: November 18, 2004 2:17 AM

I have e-mailed you several times before about my 19 year old daughter. Her chronic health problems include food allergies, digestive problems, FATIGUE coupled with headaches, falling hair, frequent urination, menstrual disorders, acne, cold hands/feet - to name a few. In the last 4 months she has had 6 colonics, 12 photoluminescent therapies (with hydrogen peroxide) IV nutrition, DMPS chelation therapy (all amalgams removed). She has been through liver/gallbladder cleanses and continues to take organic Standard Process supplements with every meal - probiotics, enzymes, Zypan (Betaine HCL) etc. Treatments have been helpful but we feel that we still have not gotten to the root of the problem. A recent symptom survey pointed to hypothyroid condition and she is now taking natural thyroid hormone but still fatigued. Dose was recently increased. The nurse practitioner wants to give her MSP 2000 IV treatments (Mild Silver Protein) followed 2 hrs. later by Vit. C IV. She said it is very effective in killing fungus, viruses, bateria. Are you familiar with this protocol and do you think it would be worthwhile? I recently read your article on hypochlorydria and it seems that yeast overgrowth, autointoxication, dysbiosis, leaky gut, and hypochlorhydria are all quite similar. Is that correct? Her symptoms can line up nicely with any of them. You mentioned that the fatigue/frequent urination might be the result of hidden infection. She doesn't however, have the painful bloating like she used to but still needs to be very careful with diet...I'm wondering if hypochlorydria might be the problem and not a chronic gut wall infection. The Betaine HCL has definitely helped but she is still battling fatigue. Do you think the SanPharmas are the way to go (along with continuation of thyroid hormone) and if so, can you recommend a doc in OH that can help with LBC anal./San Pharmas?

RE: chronic fatigue/hypochlorhydria
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: November 21, 2004 4:32 PM

Sometimes a person removed from a situation can see it more clearly. That may be the case here. It seems obvious to me that your daughter has, as you say, a problem which has not been addressed. I cannot tell you with 100% certainty what it is, but I can say that I would bet the farm it is a hidden chronic infection. I know of only two possibilities - cavitations and gut wall. Often both are involved. I really need to see your daughter and her blood under a microscope to render a more definitive opinion. Incidentally, I often see people who are very ill with gut wall infections who have been able to partially compensate (as apparently has your daughter) by taking a ton of supplements, enzymes, probiotics, etc. However, even though some or even most symptoms are controlled, the person is still dealing with a gut which is almost "dead" in the sense that it does not, on its own, function. What cannot be fully restored is absorption and without absorption a person is nutritionally deficient and this accounts for many symptoms including fatigue. As to recommending a person close to you who is competent to deal with this - dark field microscopy, SanPharmas and the experience to use them, I wish I could and if I could I would gladly do so. You are welcome to come see me in California.

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