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dizziness, tingling, hair loss, fungus and periodontal disease
Posted by: Vickie
Date: October 29, 2004 10:04 PM

I recently had severe pain starting in my chest then upper right side, lower right side and upper back, and a feeling of food being stuck in my chest after swallowing. I was also feeling dizzy and unsteady on my feet, but have had two bouts of labyrinthitis in the last year and a half so didn't know if this was related, was feeling a tingle on the top of my head and occasionally in my hands and had what I thought was a tooth hurting off and on. The doctor said my ears looked fine, had me do a blood test to check for parasites, stool test, an ultra-sound for my right side and prescribed Prilosec for 30 days. At the follow-up a month later, she told me my iron was fine, stool test okay and no sign of liver disease. I was still feeling dizzy and the tingling. In the last few years, I have had hair loss, recurring athlete's foot, and excessive gas. In the last year I had bloating and weight gain. I gave up coffee, but still have to urinate frequently.A few times lately I have had a pins and needles feeling rush down my arms soon after eating or was startled. I've been feeling spacey and have trouble concentrating. I cut down on wheat, milk, and sugar which seems to help that and the dizziness, but have started feeling weak and shakey like I might have low blood sugar. The dentist said my tooth was fine, but that I have an infection in the gums around it and wants me to take Amoxicillin for a couple of weeks and see a periodontist to check it and the rest of my mouth. I realize you can't give me a diagnosis, but any suggestions as to what might be going on would be helpful. Could the infection in my teeth be causing the tingle and is the antibiotic likely to help or make things worse? I am 48, smoke and seldom drink.

RE: dizziness, tingling, hair loss, fungus and periodontal disease
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: October 29, 2004 11:07 PM

Hair loss and athlete's foot translate to slowed metabolism and mesothelial (connective tissue) acidity. Chronic mesothelial acidity indicates either a profligate life style and/or a chronic hidden infection. I would wager your temperature is significantly below 98.6. I would be surprised if you do not have a hidden chronic infection. The unusual persistent, recurrent paresthesias (pins and needles) indicates a systemic toxicity. Difficulty concentrating means slowed metabolism and/or chronic infection and/or systemic toxicity. Periodontal disease probably means (unless you have poor oral hygiene) that you have dental amalgam (the mercury which bleeds off the amalgam poisons the gums) and mesothelial acidity. Gas and bloating, if persistent, indicate a probable gut wall infection. Frequent urination means the elasticity of connective tissue is declining which happens with glycosylation. Putting all this together may add up to mercury poisoning from dental amalgam (or perhaps fish consumption), complicated by a gut wall infection (which often accompanies mercury toxicity). Other things to consider are cavitations as a possible source of chronic hidden infection. As to the use of antibiotics, sometimes you gotta take the stuff to save your life, but be aware that antibiotics, even a few weeks course, can damage the digestive system rather severely and your digestive system is already damaged (bloating is the sign that tells us that), probably from mercury. Good luck in finding a doctor who can wrap his or her mind around all this, as you have already discovered. They don't seem to be very common. You can get a list from Find A Doctor (yellow tab above) and if none of those people can help you, pack your bags, get an airline ticket and come see me in Santa Rosa. I will leave this string open for a few days so you can answer if you wish.

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