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yeast, heavy metal problems
Posted by: Debbie
Date: September 8, 2004 3:37 PM

I have been trying to rid myself of systemic yeast and terrible allergy problems for several years now. I feel as though the inside of my body has gone berserk. I have suffered from childhood with a compromised immune system and was prescribed allergy shots for 15 years. I stopped the shots several years ago because they too began to make me feel ill. I also had mercury fillings, at least 10, removed about 8 years ago by a standard dentist. I likely ingested mercury during the procedure. Over the past 6-7 years I had several surgeries both on my sinuses and throat because I keep growing cysts in those areas and there is drainage that inhibits my breathing. The only test that was done on the growths simply determined that they were not cancerous. I believe they were likely made of yeast. I will be taking a urine test in the next week to determine the level of metal toxin in my body and I will also be taking some standard blood tests. According to my current dentist all the mercury is gone but I do have one titanium implant that has been in my mouth for about 2 years. I don't know much about titanium but am concerned that this could also present a problem. I have been told that titanium implants are pure and do not pose health risks. What is your opinion about titanium and do you know of any safe material that can be used for an implant? Also, I would like to know where your clinic is located in the event that I cannot obtain relief from my health problems. I am 44 yrs old and have been sick since my early teen years. I have changed my diet, used probiotics and anti-fungals and tried many other remedies to regain my health with only limited and temporary relief. I am seeing a holistic practitioner and although I have faith in him, I also know that the state of California leads the race when it comes to alternative medicine.

RE: yeast, heavy metal problems
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: September 8, 2004 4:08 PM

Good medical care is where you find it and there are many good doctors outside CA. But if you do need me, I am in Santa Rosa, CA. In eight years you have probably been able to rid your body of high levels of mercury unless you eat fish. At any rate you will soon know provided you are taking a DMSA or DMPS Challenge Test with urine collection for measurement. As to titanium, like all heavy metals that have been wantonly used in and around human beings without proper testing (mercury, tin, aluminum, etc.), it was initially said to be inert and harmless. Now we are beginning to see that it is not. Isnít that a surprise? Here is an article on the subject: The alternative to replacing a tooth is a bridge anchored to adjacent teeth. If there are no adjacent teeth, a partial is in order. If that is not possible, the next step is have Ďem all yanked and use plates. Never let a dentist tell you that any metal is safe or that there is a procedure which cannot be done without metal. In the latter case what he/she is really saying is that it is inconvenient or that he/she does not have the skill to do the job without metal. All procedures which are done with metal can be done without metal, but finding the dentist with the skill may be a challenge. We have one here in Santa Rosa, God be thanked. People who do not get well with metal removal and chelation typically have hidden chronic infections - gut wall and/or cavitations - which disable the immune system. If this is the case, the infections have to be cleared out and then you are looking at the isopathic remedies in the case of the gut wall and oral surgery in the case of cavitations. You have to find the oral surgeon who knows about and deals with cavitations (osteoradionecrosis of the jaw - 526.9 in the ICD-9 code book). That is also a challenge. Again, we are blessed to have one in Santa Rosa. When all of that is said and done it is still possible that you are one of those people who does not deal effectively with candida (thus producing constant intestinal dysbiosis) and maintenance Nystatin may still be necessary along with probiotics and soluble fiber. Regardless of how far one has to go in dealing with this problem, the good news is that if you handle all the possible weakness and disabilities in your system, good health does await you. Of course I am not diagnosing you or recommending treatment for a person I have not met, but your story reminds me of the information I have shared with you.

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