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hypometabolism / mercury toxicity
Posted by: Mary
Date: April 20, 2004 12:50 AM

Our 19 year old daughter has been ill (functional, however) for about 3 years. She went through every test imaginable with endocronologists, neurologists, etc....and yes, finally put on anti-depressants for a month when test results showed nothing wrong. After extensive searching, studying, and coming across your terrific site, I am convinced that she suffers from hypometabolism with mercury toxicity as the main source of her problems. Her body temperature rarely reaches 98 and is usually lower. She had amalgams (loads of them and a badly decayed mouth for no apparent reason) removed 1-1/2 yrs. ago...and symptoms continued to worsen...serious FATIGUE, constant migraines, cold all the time, falling hair, and serious stomach problems (leaky gut) to only name a few. She had 15/20 symptoms off your list on hypometabolism. She will be home from college in 3 weeks at which time I want her to begin detoxing. Her body is obviously very sensitive to you recommend she begin with DMPS challenge test to determine toxicity or is that too dangerous? I have read numerous articles of yours (chelation therapy)...and info from other sites. Some say it is best to do oral detoxing first. What is your opinion? When the course of DMSA is given, do you follow the protocal of DMSA every 3-4 week on and one week off? And generally how does the patient feel during the first month or so of chelation.....or does it depend solely on level of toxicity? Would you have any idea of how soon she would begin to notice improvement with symptoms? And, have you written any articles on the best nutritional protocol to follow during/after chelation therapy? We have recently found a doctor who comes highly recommended that handles IV/oral chelation.

RE: hypometabolism / mercury toxicity
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: April 20, 2004 2:44 AM

As you have already figured out, when the amalgam is removed, the job is not even half done. In fact, people usually get worse upon removal if not properly cared for by a doc who knows what's up with drilling on amalgam/inhaling of vaporized mercury, etc. I have not had a problem with DMPS Challenges and I have done hundreds of them. They give you a good idea of what sort of toxicity you are dealing with. Symptoms generally improve when the body burden is reduced, but not always since the whole problem can be complicated by a chronic infection in the gut and maybe in the jaws in the form of cavitations (see my article under Library Articles). The presence of a gut wall infection is fairly easy to diagnose by history and dry blood cell analysis. Cavitations are diagnosed by a panorex x-ray exam, but this must be read by a doctor who understands the problem of cavitations or they will simply be overlooked as "normal" because they are so common. There are several ways to give DMSA. I prefer the Monday, Wednesday, Friday method without any weeks off. It has worked well for me. As far as diet goes, no special diet, but one should take Chlorella along with DMSA to accelerate the exit of mercury. I must emphasize that if the gut problem is there, there will be no improvement until the gut is healed and this is only accomplished with the SanPharma or Sanum remedies. That requires a practitioner who knows his or her stuff in that area.

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