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Hypchlorhydria, yeast, and mercury
Posted by: Ibel
Date: May 4, 2003 10:25 PM

I am a 28 year old female who is currently under the care of Dr. Hans Gruenn from Longevitiy Medical Clinic in Los Angeles. After a long discussion about my symptoms, research, concerns, an acupuncture allergy test, and physical, he has determined that I may have yeast problems, food allergies, and hypochlorhydria (my suggestion). Treatment is as follows: restricted diet due to predisposition to diabetes, and the yeast problem, little to no starches, definitely no wheat (allergy), milk, cheese (except goat), sugar, little fruit, high proteins (fish, red meat, chicken, etc.), no soy products (allergy), no salads (having hard time digesting certain live foods, but not all), basically suggesting that I eat cooked foods with enzymes for right now until my digestion problem improves. I am currently taking A.C. Formula, high potency enzymes, and 1-5 caps of 8 grain betaine HCL and Pepsin (I have raised my HCL pills up to 7 caps, still no burning). There have been minor changes in gas, bloating, and flatulence but not enough to consider myself back to normal. Although, I have only been on the program for 2-1/2 weeks. I've noticed avoiding the food allergens has helped.

I have read almost every article on your website. The three I found the most relative to my condition are "The Yeast Syndrome," "Hypochlorhydria," and "Mercury Toxicity, Gut Wall Infection, and Fatigue." My questions concern mercury toxicity, gut wall infection, hypochlorhydria, SanPharma and Pekana remedies, and comprehensive blood and stool analysis. On the next appointment with Dr. Gruenn, should I suggest a comprehensive blood and stool analysis to check for gut wall infection? What roles do hypochlorhydria play in the stages of GWI, Leaky Gut Syndrome, dysbiosis, and yeast? Could chronic gut wall infection lead to the demise of parietal cells in my stomach? And can this damage be reversed using SanPharma remendies (SulfRedox, Candida), and Pekana remedies (SPECI-CHOL)?

I have understood through reading your literature and others on amalgam removal, that treating the conditions above are almost fruitless if there is amalgam in my mouth (I have two). I've also had a recent surgery which included a stainless steel plate and pins on my right ankle fib. My symptoms have increased since then, any correlations? I have heard that before I have any amalgams removed I should be tested for metal toxicities and allergies. Are indirect composites better than regular composites for my mouth? And based on my symptoms what is the order of detecting causes before starting the healing process to my condition?

RE: Hypchlorhydria, yeast, and mercury
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: May 4, 2003 11:13 PM

Gut wall infection is not a directly diagnosable condition unless a slice of gut wall in removed and cultured and even then it might have been an uninfected portion of the gut. It is a diagnosis of inference, being inferred by the following findings: (1) a source of metal from within our without the body, (2) difficulty with digestion, (3) persistent, hard-to-treat, salivary acidity, (4) finding on live and dry blood cell analysis consistent with the condition. Treatment is, in order: (1) removal of the source of metals, (2) testing and treating for residual metal levels (notably mercury), (3) treatment with the SanPharma and Pekana remedies. During this whole process the system can be supported with supplements, enzymes, SulfRedox (for absorption), etc., but the condition will not clear until each of the above steps is carried to completion. I can't tell you how important it is to remove all metal sources. A patient of mine was told by her dentist he had removed all the metal, but come to find out he had installed two metal crowns! Proceeding on the belief that all the metal was out the above regime was instituted three time without result. Just the other day we discovered that she is still sporting two metal crowns. Dentists!

There is no point testing for metals until all metal is removed. Until then, you are loaded, guaranteed. When it is time for testing, the only useful test is the DMPS Challenge Test. All other tests are inconclusive. As to the association between GWI and hypochlorhydria, that is not know for certain. I believe metal toxicity must have something to do with it. When metal is removed Speci-chol almost always restores stomach acid. As to the Comprehensive Stool Analysis, I personally do not use it. By the time I have finished with a history (the way I take it), and a blood cell analysis, I know what the CSA will show. Also the CSA is very expensive, so since I can ascertain the outcome by other means, I do not use. it. Also, it does not tell you the presence of a GWI, but will only measure the effects of a GWI - low enzyme content, undigested food, etc. As to your pins and plates, they say stainless steel is inert and does not contain contaminants, but too often I hear stories like yours, so I tend to agree with Hal Huggins in the opinion that the stuff is not as pure as the driven snow and therefore that one should avoid all metal placement in the body, or if you have metal, that it should be removed if at all possible.

RE: Hypchlorhydria, yeast, and mercury
Posted by: Ibel
Date: May 5, 2003 4:35 AM

It seems that lately my time has been consumed in solving this problem. My job (teacher), affords me the summer to figure this mess out. Unfortunately, I cannot treat myself all at once due to finances and recuperation time if I also had my plate and pins removed. Your suggestion to the course of treatment sounds reasonable and precautionary. I was wondering if dealing with the neccessaries minus the plate and pin removal, would chelating mercury and treatment with SPECI-CHOL and other supplements suffice, and remove the pins and plate at a later time. I'm hoping for "it doesn't hurt to try" response, or would I be wasting time and money trying to treat yeast, hypochlorhydria, and mercury with metal still in. I would like to do as much as I can to alleviate some symptoms while waiting to completly deal with secondary issues such as stainless steel removal.

As to the diet and supplements prescribed by Dr. Gruenn, I was concerned about vitamin and mineral insufficiency. The diet calls for high protein and I have noticed that bowel movements are still irregular (constipation). Is their a supplement to help this? I'm sure I could ask all these questions to Dr. Gruenn, as he seems to listen and care, but I would still like a second opinion. I don't think that doctors in the field of Holistic Medicine would be offended with a second opinion from another doctor in the same field of thought.

As to the beginning processes of amalgam removal from a Holistic Mercury-Free dentist Lucy Picone, should I try to arrange a team approach in dealing with Hg removal? And should I avoid all fish, or are some fish okay? Last but not least, if you would indulge me, what if all of this does not work and I am still having digestive problems, could I have Achlorhydria, pancreatic or gall bladder problems, or another disorder that may involve a Western approach i.e. corrective surgery? Or should I contact you personally?

RE: Hypchlorhydria, yeast, and mercury
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: May 5, 2003 5:24 AM

Until you are treated with the SanPharma remedies, you will continue to have digestive problems. And, of course, all the preliminary steps must be taken before that. As to constipation, Aloe Vera leaf extract (in capsules) by Murdoch Pharmaceuticals is a good choice. If you simply cannot have the steel removed, you have to do what you can do to promote healing. Ideally all the metal would come out, but if that is not possible, in your place I would move forward anyway. Stomach, gall bladder and pancreas are all part of the digestive system. The German remedies (Pekana and SanPharma) are the best I have found at regenerating those organs. If you come to a point in your therapy where you think I can help you, fell free do make an appointment.

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