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Posted by: Michael
Date: March 12, 2003 10:37 PM

I am inquiring on behalf of my wife (59) who has been diagnosed with gallstones by using ultrasound. Their size is approx.1cm. She is desperately searching for a non-surgical way to get rid of them. She suffers attacks now which last about an hour, start with pain then stiffening of the abdomen and eventually throwing up violently. Frequency is about once or twice a month. She has tried teas and such but to no avail. I have heard of smashing or dissolving stones from my mother in Germany.Her doctor wants to operate. I had my gallbladder removed "the hard way" with a large cut and lots of bleeding and am still not very happy with my health. She definitely does NOT want to subject herself to surgery. Is there a way, a source or an advice you can give her with a possible success rate and where we can contact someone who can look after her?

RE: Gallstones
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: March 13, 2003 12:13 AM

There is always the gall bladder purge and with gall stones of one cm. in size, that should work fine. Of course, I cannot advise you to do this, since your wife is not my patient, but if one of my patients came in with this problem, here is what I would recommend:

1. 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil followed by 1/4 cup mixed, fresh squeezed citrus juices; 50% grapefruit, 25% lemon, 25% orange. Repeat process every 15 minutes for one hour for total of one cup each, oil and juice

2. Go to bed and lie on your right side.

3. In the morning take a one quart distilled water enema containing the juice of lemon

Perhaps you could find a doc with a practice similar to mine to advise you to do this or something similar.

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