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Vitamin C - Adrenal Glands
Posted by: Robert
Date: February 7, 2003 8:45 PM

I have read that dosage of over 500 mg. per day Vitamin C has side effects on Adrenal Glands, is this true? Does one receive more absorption of Vitamin C in a liquid form? What are the side effects?

RE: Vitamin C - Adrenal Glands
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 7, 2003 11:50 PM

There is an amazing amount of misinformation about vitamin C out there. Every few months there comes a new report from the mainstream medical mind-set (the same mind-set which brought us leeches and synthetic hormone therapy for prevention of vascular disease and cancer - turns out it increased the incidence of both). What drives this flow of misinformation is the marriage between medical schools and the pharmaceutical industry. (The bride was bought with massive amounts of money - grants to med schools.) Vitamin C is so extremely useful, helping treat and/or prevent such a plethora of conditions the drug dealers want to treat with their latest toxic concoctions, it is very threatening for an entire multi-billion dollar industry. So, they feel obligated to treat vitamin C as the threat it is to their financial well-being and they ante up the loose change to sponsor studies that better show up the problems with vitamin C (or else they loose their funding). To come to the bottom line: there is only one serious problem with vitamin C and that is in people with a genetic disorder called "glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency," about one person out of 10,000. If you give a rapid intravenous infusion of vitamin C in a dose exceeding 25 grams (25,000 mg.) you can get a drop in blood pressure. Other than that, some people get a little diarrhea at the higher oral doses (3,000 mg. and up) - nothing life threatening but a little annoying. As to the adrenal glands during periods of stress the vitamin C content of the adrenal glands is depleted. Vitamin C appears to stimulate the adrenal glands and the release of the adrenal hormones. These hormones are released during stress conditions. Therefore if one is under stress it is good to take extra C. Almost all animals can manufacture C (man is and exception) and under stress conditions those animals can and do quadruple their production of C.

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