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red/orange sandlike crystals in urine
Posted by: Gary
Date: June 13, 2002 7:38 PM

A friend of mine has had difficulty urinating. He sometimes has to alternate hot and cold water to his bladder/groin area to get things flowing. He was also having pain and passing small bits of crystal in his urine. I told him about gravel root to help break up stones and he has been taking Stone Free along with magnesium for a week now and today had hundreds of reddish/orange crystals the size of sand come out with his urine. He said afterwards it was easier for him to urinate than it has been in weeks. Are you familiar with this? Or have any thoughts on what causes these stones or what the mineral content of them are?

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RE: red/orange sandlike crystals in urine
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: June 15, 2002 5:16 PM

Although there is no way to diagnose your friend without a consultation, I can make a few general comments. The most common cause of slow or recalcitrant urination in a man is prostate hypertrophy. This condition can be benign or malignant and for that reason should always be evaluated by a urologist. There are both drugs and herbals which will shrink benign prostate hypertrophy. Another cause can be tumor growth in the bladder - benign or malignant - and once again, this is another reason for seeking medical evaluation and not ignoring the symptom. A third reason is simple aging in which (in all of us) the sympathetic nervous system grows in dominance over the parasympathetic system. (Parasympathetic is responsible for the "vegetative" functions - elimination by the bladder and colon included). There are drugs (such as FloMax) which will help this situation. As to kidney stones, the most recent and cogent theory about that is that it represents an infection with nanobacteria. I will refer you to a website for further information:

Uric acid crystals in urine vary in color from yellow to orange to brown. The disorder is called hyperuricemia and one of the causes of hyperuricemia is gout. A serum uric acid level would delineate or eliminate this problem.

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