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Lisa's "Small Bile Pieces"
Posted by: Carol
Date: April 11, 2002 8:40 AM

Dear Dr. Kennedy,

I noticed and read message # 3175 from a woman named Lisa, where she describes "small bile pieces". I read your answer, and tried to reply to you via the message, and was unable to do so.

What she is describing are NOT small pieces of bile. What she is describing are tonsillar concretions. I have suffered from these and saw an ENT and had them diagnosed. The tonsils have blind end crypts in them. Bacteria, food, etc., can get caught in these blind-end crypts and create concretions. At some point, the tonsil gets rid of them and they come out and have a horrible smell.

The ENT that I saw suggested a tonsilectomy. I wasn't interested. It was also suggested that I use a water pik on the tonsils. I have had some luck with gargling with hydrogen peroxide and water.

So, I guess this is not a question, but a reply to Lisa, Message #3175. Hope she is able to read this.


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