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pantothenic acid and marijuana testing
Posted by: Lance
Date: March 23, 2002 10:47 PM

I recently purchased a tester to see if my son was using marijuana. I found some pantothenic acid in his bedroom. I asked him why he took it and he would not answer my question. I ask my pharmacist about it and he said kids take it and induce large quantities of water prior to drug testing and that it forms a somewhat of a shell through their system and this makes it possible to pass a drug test. Sounds kind of hard to beleive, but if its true the fact the test turned out negative leaves me wondering if he uses marijuana or not.

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RE: pantothenic acid and marijuana testing
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: March 24, 2002 3:03 PM

Pantothenic acid is vitamin B5. Taking large quantities of high quality vitamins allow the liver to detoxify faster. It would not be as effective by itself as it would be in combination with other vitamins. Speaking to you as a parent who has been through this, if you cannot believe, or will not believe your son, you have lost him already, regardless of whether or not he is using MJ. The really important thing here is to re-establish trust and relationship. Of course take a stand against drug use, but you must understand that if he chooses that life, you cannot prevent it by force. There are always ways around your authority. Children, like anyone else, are moved by an open heart. Communicate with your son with an open heart. Tell all the truth outside the context of manipulation. If you cannot bring yourself do this, seek psychotherapy or counseling to open yourself. In our culture spirtual development has been sadly overlooked in a blind pursuit for possessions and power and we are now paying the price for it. Correct your life as needed to place spiritual development first, for you and for your family.

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