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Fullness in upper left side
Posted by: Michelle
Date: March 21, 2002 1:41 AM

I had a ultrasound, a CAT scan, an MRI of my abdomen and pelvic area, an upper GI and small bowel x-ray, rib x-ray, and colonoscopy. All have come back normal except they noted a hemangioma on upper left side on the ultrasound, which the doctor said not to worry, but didn't see it in the CAT scan a week or so later. There were no abnormalities in the MRI except they saw ovarian cysts, which in turn led me to the OB doctor and he said he felt nothing major, but that I had functional cysts. My Pap's smear was normal, and the only thing they noticed was that my spleen was slightly enlarged. However, they didn't seem overly concerned with that. My problem, finally? I have been experiencing an uncomfortable fullness or feeling of a small water balloon in my upper left abdomen right under my rib cage. Sometimes it feels sore there, like I bumped it, but the feeling is always there. I feel perfectly fine otherwise, except I am thinking that I am dying and don't know it. I am so scared and I don't know where to turn.

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RE: Fullness in upper left side
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: March 21, 2002 4:10 AM

Obviously I cannot diagnose you from here, but I will make a few comments. The normal structures under the left rib cage are: stomach, spleen and splenic flexure of the colon. The internal surfaces of the stomach and colon can be directly visualized by endoscopic exams. Abnormalities of the spleen are diagnosed by blood count testing. There are also generic tests for cancer: a blood test (CEA) and an urine test (5-HIAA). If your doctor is certain that you have nothing to worry about, it is also his or her duty to talk with you until you see that. If that certainty is not present perhaps one or more of these diagnostic approaches will be of use. I have to wonder about that "hemangioma in the upper left."

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