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Posted by: Catherine
Date: February 28, 2002 8:38 PM

In 1993 I was diagnosised with Idiopathic Thrombcytopenia Purpura. After 8 months of Prednisone, bone marrow biopsy, and many other blood tests I decided on a splenectomy. Before the sudden onset of ITP I had always been very healthy. At 22 years old I had the spleenectomy. Now at 31 years old I get sick all the time. Any contract virus I come in contact with. Typically I am ill once a month. I've had allergy tests, thyroid tests, Lyme's, chems, CBC's. I've even seen an infectious disease specialist. The answer is always the same, I get sick a lot. I just can't accept this answer. I've looked at my diet, which is very balanced, taken vitamins, and nothing I do seems to help. Are people with Thrombocytopenia predisposed to viral illnesses? Six months ago I had an antiplatelet anibody test and it was negative. My job as a veterinary technician suffers due to being sick once a month. I would appreciate any light you can shed on this subject.

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RE: thrombocytopenia
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: March 1, 2002 1:54 PM

The fact of your former ITP may well be a red herring. I cannot pretend to be diagnosing you without actually having you as a patient, so I will speak in general terms. Lots of folks have weakened immune systems who have not had ITP. Prednisone can depress an immune system, but given the length of time it has been since you used that drug, it seems unlikley that it is still causing the problem. The most common cause of a weakened immune system is toxicity derived from chronic infection and/or exposure to toxic substances. The most common toxic substances are the heavy metals and the most common source of those are dental amalgams which, according to most dentists, are no problem. I beg to disagree. You can read my articles on Basis of Physical Health (red tab on left) and Dental Amalgam Mercury Poisoning (under Library Articles) to the left. These articles may give you some direction.

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