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Prevention for the next 50 years
Posted by: Dean
Date: February 15, 2002 10:17 PM

I just turned age 50. Never been hospitalized, no illness, lots of good luck, modest exercise, good nutrition and supplements. I just had a full physical (with prostate exam) for the first time. I had blood and urine tests with the results now in my hands. How do I read it to best comprehend what it means as far as relevance to "life extension?" On the report are listed a variety of Electrolytes, Chemistry, Lipids, Liver, Hematology and Urinalysis in detail that escapes me. I'd like to know where I stand now with every detail of this report. I'd also like to know if there is any information not included on this report that might assist me. And, obviously, what I can do to keep myself on the proper course for the next 50 years of my life. Is there an online resource to explain these things to me?

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RE: Prevention for the next 50 years
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: February 16, 2002 3:48 AM

It is your doctor's job to interpret these things to you. However, you can find information on-line about every lab test by using a search engine. If something is listed as out of the normal range, you should definitely be counseled by your doc. Having the standard tests could be compared to looking through a keyhole. You only see a part of the picture. Longevity and health depend on two factors early detection and prevention. Of the two, prevention makes by far the most sense. That is what this entire web site is about. The best advice I can give anyone to achieve health and longevity is educate, educate, educate (themselves). Read, read, read, learn, learn, learn. Every day. Check out the Vocabulary Course Sign-up and subscribe to Ask Dr. Kennedy on this web site. Also, use the extensive information on this website to glean medical information.

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