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Posted by: Angie
Date: January 10, 2002 1:10 AM

My husband is 25 years old, 280 lbs. and 6' 4". He has been having blackouts for about two years. They have run numerous test on him and will not release him to work. He knows before it happens that it's coming. When the ambulance has been here his blood pressure has been elavated 152/100 and 142/102 plus his blood sugar is low after an episode, the last big one Christmas day his blood sugar after drinking a can of coke was only 83 and he had eaten a full meal about and hour and half before. We have been told it is not seizures. We are at our wit's end because it has gone on for so long and they don't know why it is happening. They have checked his heart, his head, ears, nose, and throat. We have been lucky so far that he has not hurt himself or anyone else when has fallen. If you have any ideas what is wrong with my husband please help.

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RE: Blackouts
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 10, 2002 2:40 AM

There is the possibility of transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), which can be a prodrome to stroke. If so, it is important to get to a knowledgeable doctor for preventive treatment as soon as possible. I suggest you use the Find A Doctor function above. A blood sugar of 83 is OK but that does not rule out hypoglycemia. The blood pressure you mention would not account for such dramatic symptoms.

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