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soy as only food source
Posted by: Lynn Rickert
Date: January 4, 2002 2:48 PM

My three and a half year old daughter has a neurological disorder - sensory integrative dysfunction which presents with severe tactile defensiveness. As a result she has not eaten orally and is fed by a gastric tube. Although she is about one year behind developmentally, she appears to be of normal intelligence and is always growing and learning. We have had her on a concentrated (30 calories per ounce) soy infant formula and have added various vitamins, etc. to try to give her what her body requires. Our doctor has expressed concern over recent soy studies indicating problems associated with soy. Since her entire diet is soy and is quite concentrated, we are trying to formulate a new diet. Goat milk seems to be an option but would requite lots of additives to keep the proteins from being too high and the carbohydrates from being too low, etc. and still supply the necessary calories.

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RE: soy as only food source
Posted by: Lynn Rickert
Date: January 5, 2002 4:58 PM

Tube feeding is vastly inferior to natural feeding. When food goes in by tube it does not ignite natural digestion and eating and drinking is not learned (yes, that is something we humans learn). Tube-fed preemies, for example, thrive only with great difficulty, although the tube feeding makes it very easy on the nursing staff which you will find wasting their time gossiping. (Obviously, I have experienced this.) It is better to drop food in with an eye dropper so the baby/child can learn what ingesting food is all about. You may have to do this with a bevy of "know it better" nurses criticizing you. You may have been given a fancy fallacious diagnosis to convince you that your child cannot learn ot eat and which justifies a lazy hospital staff. If there is no other way than tube feeding and your child is three years old, check out the Vita-mix and consider blending real wholesome food and forget about formulas. The only problems with soy are possibility of development of allergy and suppression of the thyroid. Until these happen, there is no reason to not use soy.

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