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Why isn't iodine tried first with goiter
Posted by: Betty
Date: November 11, 2001 6:04 PM

I've been on synthroid for 25 years. I have a multi-nodular goiter and all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. My current Dr. has me on 125 mcg. of synthroid which I feel I too low. I also had a lot of problems in my health increasing with severity each year. Fatigue, weight gain, slowed mental function, skin problems, dandruff, trouble focusing eyes, teary eyes constantly.These are just some of the symptoms I've had. I started taking OTC iron supplements 34 days ago and by the 4th day started to feel better and by the first week I was a changed person. Then with some reasearch I started to include a multi-vitamin that has 150 mcg. of iodine. Along with the iron, multi-vitamin, and A&D, B complex, 500 mgs. of C with each iron tablet, and E and a big change in my diet I'm a new person with most of those problems now gone. I feel like the added iodine has also reduced the swelling in my neck caused by my goiter. Why isn't iodine tried first as a treatment in goiter and hypothyroidism? Can I be weaned off the synthroid eventually?

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RE: Why isn't iodine tried first with goiter
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: November 12, 2001 3:08 AM

It should be and I think doctors do not think of it much anymore as iodine deficiency has become rather uncommon with the addition of iodine to table salt. Every doc used to give Lugol's solution as a first line treatment. As to being weaned off, that will depend on whether you are truly hypothyroid or simply iodine deficient.

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