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Painkiller dependency
Posted by: Mandy
Date: September 6, 2001 7:40 PM

My husband has had a lower back problem (mostly muscular, although there is some disc degeneration) for about 14 years. For the same period he has been taking prescribed dextropropoxyphene+paracetamol 'Co-proxamol' (8 per day, in a 12 hour period). He suffers from almost daily headaches, migraines, stomach pain and digestive problems, sinusitis and insomnia (amongst other things) We now realize that a big change in lifestyle is needed for him to heal his body and to wean him of the painkillers on which he is now psychologically and physically dependent (even though our doctor says that dependency is not a feature of this drug). He also smokes, is addicted to sugar (living on mainly biscuits and chocolate), and drinks few non-caffeine drinks. We would welcome any hints you could give us as to how to deal with the painkiller issue, particularly with how to deal with his back pain.

RE: Painkiller dependency
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: September 6, 2001 10:18 PM

As to how to deal with back pain, there is a lot of info already on this site. Use the Site Search feature above, or go directly to: Prolotherapy is almost always effective in such cases. Be sure to follow the hyperlink in the Back and Neck Pain article to the Prolotherapy article. Withdrawal from any addictive substance is much easier if done in the absence of pain, and Prolotherapy can help with the pain aspect and strengthen the back as well. Withdrawal from any addictive substance is also much easier in conjunction with detoxification. Read on that subject. Proper diet is critically important to detoxification. The diet you describe sounds more than unhealthy, it sounds actually dangerous.

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