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Posted by: Anne
Date: August 24, 2001 1:38 PM

Why would someone take selegiline if they don't have Parkinson's? In fact he is only 40 and in perfect health. Also, what would be the side effects in a healthy person taking Selegiline? His personality seems to have changed (not good), could this be the cause?

RE: Selegiline
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: August 24, 2001 2:30 PM

I have no idea why your friend is taking Selegiline, however Selegiline is used as an anti-aging drug. It slows the breakdown of Dopamine and the decline in Dopamine is thought to be one of the important concomitants of aging and in fact the cause of Parkinson's disease which everyone is destined to get if living long enough. I have no knowledge of personality change which may accompany the use of Selegiline.

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