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Finding the basic problem possible?
Posted by: Cynthia Daniel
Date: May 15, 2001 1:41 PM

At 54, being post-menopausal, my lifetime of symptoms take more work than ever to keep in check. At birth, I could not drink my mother's milk and went thru a variety of childhood illnesses during cold weather which lasted several years starting with ear infections, then tonsillitis, then lymph infections, then chronic bronchitis, then chronic sinus infections and finally systemic symptoms similar to arthritis, taking us up to age 32. No thanks to the rheumotologist I visited, I no longer have the arthritic symptoms due to my own research and cleanses and anti-candida programs. Also, by 9 I had a vaginal discharge and had constipation problems throughout life (took something to handle, see below).

Blood pressure was always low as youth, temperature always low and losing weight always difficult. By mid-20's I was asking for thyroid tests, but until my 4th one 2 years ago, they all said "normal".

My arthritic symptoms seem to have been caused by an overgrowth of Candida and two rounds of a program for that helped dramatically, though recently I've been told I still have it.

Have done various herbal cleanses, colonics, massage, accupuncture, homeopathics, parasite cleanses, metal cleanses and more. I am sensitive to wheat, dairy, potatoes and chocolate and avoid those. Mostly eat chicken or fish, a little red meat, fresh veggies, low glycemic carbs (such as sweet potatoes), a little rice, avoid junk food, except sometimes eat blue chips, use olive oil for cooking, drink about 8 glasses of water, moderate fruit juice from health store. Once in a while I get weak and have a soda. I use salt, but not to excess. Diet is from 900-1400 calories/day. I walk to mildly 3 times a week (about a mile, one hip tends to cramp on me).

During the warm weather, I go into an exhaustive state easily where my face becomes very hot (like when shopping) and back and legs become very weak and ache. This exhaustive heat state happens even without sweating. Taking salt makes me feel better by next day. I have very tender places on my inner legs and terrific lymph/toxic (?) retention around my knees which chiro says is adrenals.

My body tends to retain things. I take a natural supplement every day to aid bowel elimination, minus cascara and senna which are supposed to be harsh. I can feel storms and cold fronts usually a day or two before they come, aches, fatigue and depression (serotonin?). I had no to little hot flashes during menopause, however, in my post state, throughout the day, I am cold, then hot, then cold, then hot. I haven't slept thru the night more than 10 times in the last 5 years. Cortico B5/B6 for adrenal cortex handled this before menopause, but no longer works. I have about 80-85% of the symptoms I've read for low thryoid. All but one of my mercury fillings are gone. I have a gum receding problem (related to thyroid/adrenals?). Been plagued with digestive problems and keeping system in balance. Take good flora as needed, and now that I take Betaine Hydrochloride ever day, things are much better (I recently was told this is a salt, perhaps an adrenal connection?). Cholestrol is high, despite watching my fats. I tend to be stiff and achey upon awakening and have low stamina (worse postmenopausal), though it's been better since the program I'm currently on. I tend to be oversenstive to sounds, lights, commotion, temperature extremes and sometimes touch.

My current program from a chiro, which includes a lot of Standard Process supplements, 4 of them for adrenals and thryoid, essential oils, A, Co-Q10 and Metagenics UltraClear (cleansing and nutritional powder). She refuses to put me on dessicated thryroid because she wants the thryroid to rebuild on it's own. She feels raw foods are too hard to digest for me and wants me on cooked foods. This program helped me tremendously for a while, more energy, lost weight, better spirits. Now I feel I'm just maintaining, no more weight loss and back to heavy depression at times.

This is typical of me...I find a program that seems to bring results, but it only works for 1-4 weeks and then the body always puts on the brakes. What is that?

How does one sort all this out? Can low adrenals cause low thryoid and vice versa? Can Candida overgrowth at birth cause low adrenals or thryoid. Or is it the other way around? Some practitioners have said don't worry about the Candida, when your body is in balance, it will handle itself. I've been down many avenues and am trying not to be too desparate here. I've considered Fibromyalgia, but the I was told this is just a symptom of low adrenals/thryoid.

I've done cleanses very similar to Arise and Shine. Any other recommendations or comments about diagnosis or treatment? What are your thoughts on liver cleanses? I can't stand the olive oil thing. Have you ever heard of a congentially low thryoid or adrenals being handled with such things as Standard Process products minus dessicated product? I'm about ready to give up on this program.

Many thanks for your time and opinions. Sorry this is so long, but I didn't know any other way.

RE: Finding the basic problem possible?
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: May 15, 2001 2:18 PM

There is a lot we do not understand about why one person gets into one of these states of dysregulation and another does not, even under very similar circumstances. While it is legitimate and helpful to directly treat glands like the adrenal and thyroid as a stop-gap measure, there is also an element of tail chasing in it (you know the old dog-tail analogy). Certainly the absence of breast feeding correlates highly with immune system dysregulation. There is apparently something in mother's milk which infuses the immune system with the ability to regulate itself. However, it is also true that mother being in good balance plays a part also. Perhaps this is why you could not tolerate your mother's milk.

Where adrenal regulation goes, if hypoadrenalism is proven by an ACTH Challenge Test, Cortisol 5 mg. four times per day (or 10 mg twice daily of the time release version) is the best way to go short of Adrenal Cortical Extract (against which the FDA is on a 30 year war path). As to thyroid, I strongly believe time release T3 is far and away the best treatment as it mimics perfectly the way the thyroid works. These are compounded items which are only available from real (compounding) pharmacies. Colored pill counters (regular pharmacists) will have no idea how to make these.

As to toxins, it is not enough to do a little detox here and there. In this toxic soup in which we all live, daily detox is necessary for may of us. I do not think this requires doctors for the rest of one's days, if we remember to do a little every day; for example, exercise w/ sweating, enema, bentonite shake, oral Protease on an empty stomach, sauna, etc. etc. It is not necessary to do everything everyday, just one thing each day - and remember to have fun doing it.

The issue of residual mercury must always be thought of and handled. After the last amalgam is out the DMPS Challenge test is a must and long term oral DMSA, the dose adjusted to the level of mercury, brings out residual mercury. Mercury slows the pituitary, the adrenals, and the thyroid. It is a very impressive toxin.

As to people not being able to digest raw food, that idea reveals a profound ignorance of the fact that raw food is able to digest itself as the enzymes are intact and ready to go to work. We are not designed to digest cooked food and almost all of us fizzle out eventually on a cooked food diet. We have hypertrophied pancreases (pancrei) trying to do that. If one consumes cooked food, oral enzymes are a must with every meal.

As to re-regulation of the immune system, the most effective approach I have found are the SanPharma remedies. They must be taken for up to one year to fully re-educate the immune system. This calls for finding a practitioner skilled in their use. The presence of pathogenic yeast and fungi in a person's body reveals a severe dysregulation of the immune system. The SanPharma remedies bring all organisms back to the non-pathogenic state.

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