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Questions for Dr. Kennedy
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Wilson's Reverse T3
Posted by: Martin
Date: January 16, 2001 8:38 PM

I am a 55 year old male. I have about two-thirds of the symptoms you mention in your article on Wilson syndrome. I also never have a temperature above 98.2 unless I have a fever. Mostly it is 97.1 but has dropped to 96 at times most recently (and once in the 95's). Is this syndrome more critical the lower the temperature? Also I have Mitral Valve Prolapse. I understand many of the symptoms are similar. It seems reasonable that mitral valve prolapse may be a symptom of hypothyroidism.

RE: Wilson's Reverse T3
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Date: January 17, 2001 12:29 AM

MVP is associated with hypometabolic states, including hypothyroidism. Naturally, the lower teh temp the more severe the symptoms.

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