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Severe nausea
Posted by: Jon Ramage
Date: December 9, 2000 9:40 AM

I have had severe nausea now for almost 5 years and its ruined my life . Im a 28 year old male and when i went on holiday to majorca in 96 i was taken ill with this on the final day . For the first two years it was just severe nausea all the time but after the second year i developed an enlarged prostate which after many treatments still wont seem to take to drug treatment . Then after the third year i developed severe abdo pains which put me in hospital and after a sigmoidoscopy revealed that my intestine was heavily inflammed but after a biopsy was found negative for crohns,inflam bowel disease etc . I have been passed from so called doctor to doctor all with normal results etc . For the two years before i got sick i was under alot of pressure with studies and work and was also in heavy sport training 5 days a week and my diet wasnt great . I was also living on about 4-6 hours sleep per night . Only thing i have been found positive for so far is H Pylori .

I have searched the net day in day out trying to find answers and the only things i seem to fit into is either an adrenal problem (EG Wilsons syndrome) or a candida based problem such as Leaky gut (I have white freckle like things up arms and legs) . Im losing weight badly now and can hardly get out of the house because of this so i would really like any views that might help me on this one . Im based in the UK and the only thing my local doc is now willing to do is to get me a place in a CFS unit which may take a year . Please please help!!

Many many thanks to all,


RE: Severe nausea
Posted by: Jon Ramage
Date: December 11, 2000 5:25 AM

Dear Dr Kennedy,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my post , i truly do appreciate it . I am seeing my local member of parliament here on friday and was wondering if i could ask a huge favour . I know its impossible to diagnose someone over the net and i will take you up on finding the UK based physician but i was just wondering if you could tell me what the other thoughts possibly might be that you have . Its strange as all along i thought it was parasitical but the uk tests are very very poor.

Thanks you again so much for your time and keep up the fantatstic work you do on the board . Its so refreshing to see a DR these days that actually wants to work to get a patient well and not just to get an inflated ego . More power to you Dr Kennedy !

Best wishes,


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