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asthma, eczema and hydrochloric acid
Posted by: Gary Jackson
Date: December 5, 2000 7:19 PM

I have had asthma and unsightly (mainly head and facial) eczema for almost all of my life. I have tried so many different treatments and they either masked the symptoms (e.g. steroid creams and inhalers etc.) or did nothing. I recently tried taking betaine Hydrochloride/pepsin tablets and almost immediately my skin cleared up and my asthma has not recurred. I tried substituting the tablets for other acids (apple cider vinegar) and/or HCL stimulants (Gentian Bitters), but my symptoms returned. I went back on the HCL/betaine and I cleared up again almost immediately. It appears to me that I cannot produce sufficient, or any HCL, even with dietary stimulation. Therefore, am I destined to take the HCL/betaine for life? Not a big deal if I can stay symptom free. This has been a big revelation and annoying that it has taken 40 years, and thousands of dollars, to discover this simple solution ! I hope it lasts !

RE: Asthma,eczema and hydrochloric acid
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: December 5, 2000 11:41 PM

There are a couple other possibility. Organic sodium stimulates dormant parietal cells to produce HCL. You have to take a bit with each meal for it to work as it does not have a sustained action. The only source I have found is Capra goat whey. You can order the stuff at (800) 574-1961. The best solution I have found is the Pekana remedy, Speci-Chol. About 95% of people with hypochlorhydria start producing their own HCL with Speci-Chol.

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