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fatigue-please help!
Posted by: Angel
Date: December 1, 2000 1:56 AM

I am suffering from severe fatigue so great that I can hardly climb one set of stairs. I stopped being able to drive three months ago, and my life is completely suspended. I have had a sinus or ear infection which began around the time of a tooth abscess, and had three root canals. the infection had punctured into the sinus. various and many antibiotic doses later, still no relief. I've read of certain bacterial strains which put severe strain on the adrenals, and I need to know which they are, and which antibiotics they are susceptible to, so that I may advise my health professionals. They only so far have been able to guide me through the obvious cures. I fear for my life at this point. By the way, I am in my twenties, and physically fit, or was, until now do no drugs, not even caffeine, don't drink, do not smoke, and eat only organic foods, have a nutritionist and take the right supplements.

RE: fatigue-please help!
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: December 1, 2000 2:15 AM

Rather than treat with antibiotics, you may want to look into removing the source of your toxic condition. This would almost surely be your root canals, and if so antibiotics would be useless against them. Dentists who practice biological dentistry believe that root canals should never be put in as they always harbor toxic bacterial in microscopic canaliculi which run through the tooth, seveal miles of canaliculi in each tooth. Also, if you have amalgam fillings, you may well be mercury toxic. I suggest you see a dentists who specializes in biological dentistry. Finding the right dentist will be your most difficult step. If you go back to the dentist who put in the root canals, you will probably be met with denial. If you go to a dentist who supports root canals as a valid procedure, you will probably be met with denial there also. Finally, prolonged intake of antibiotics can damage your digestive system in a way that elaborate measures are required to restore it to health.

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