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food consumption
Posted by: kenny
Date: November 18, 2000 7:42 PM

I recently started trying to loose weight. I was able to drop from about 195 to 185 which is where I am now. I only eat once a day (lunch) and maybe some peanuts for a snack. I was searching for more information on carboyhdrates and proteins when I discovered your web site and I must say that impressed is an understatement. I wrote down the foods to eat and ones not to consume but I was wondering if you might be able to give advice on what type proteins would be best. Also your opinion on what foods to eat so that I might increase my metabolism.

RE: food consumption
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: November 20, 2000 2:00 AM

The first thing to consider in weight loss is detoxification. The toxic level reached by most people consuming the standard American diet is remarkable. It tends to dysregulate metabolism as well as the hunger centers of the brain. In this condition only moderate weight loss is possible and this through dieting and exercise. Also, restoring the digestive tract to proper function is very important. Complete digestion and full absorption are important to hunger regulation. If this system is not functioning correctly hunger drives one to eat more in a vain effort to obtain balanced nutrition. Proper food selection for weight loss is rather simple: 80% raw and all organic. As to protein vs. fat vs. carbohydrate, when you are detoxed you can rely on your sense of hunger. I would suggest to almost anyone to start with detox and restoration of digestion, not diet.

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