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Multiple Sclerosis & Chelation
Posted by: Wally Bassett
Date: November 13, 2000 7:01 PM

I am 33 years old and have been diagnosed with MS for 3 years now. I am currently enrolled in a clinical trial of an anti-cancer drug, Taxol, which is a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor. I am interested in investigating the possibility of having my mercury fillings removed and undergoing chelation therapy, however, it is almost impossible to know whom to believe. Can you shed any light on how mercury poisoning could contribute to the onset/progression of MS and how chelation might serve to benefit someone in my situation?

RE: Multiple Sclerosis & Chelation
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: November 14, 2000 12:42 AM

We are far from knowing all the effects of mercury poisoning. Almost everyone is laced with mercury from the ubiquitous dental amalgam industry and from fish consumption, so studies are hard to do because where do you find a control population of people free from mercury? However, I think most doctors who practice the type of medicine I practice would testify to experience similar to mine, which is that mercury removal, chelation removal of residual mercury and ongoing treatment with EDTA chelation seems to halt the progression of both ALS and MS. Also, general detox combined with a very clean diet seems to help. As to the question of the mechanism by which mercury would contribute to neurological diseases: the toxic effects of mercury are due it effects on enzymes. It replaces the mineral co-factors, such as magnesium, yet enzymes cannot function with mercury as a cofactor. Enzymes are an integral part of metabolism throughout the body, including the central nervous system. Another item I consider important in MS and lower motor neuron disease is human growth hormone. I have a couple of cases of progressive lower motor neuron disease (one ALS and one familial) which have arrested for several years and the only thing they are doing is supplementing injectable HGH.

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